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Quantium Courier Tracking Track here the status of your shipment, get Docket Number, Toll Free numbers and many other relevant information related to Quantium Courier Tracking. Trackingraja.com is presenting this information powered by Quantium Courier. The information you get here is provided by a very powerful tracking technology. This website will make you able to get the info about your Tracking Status, Docket Number, Toll Free numbers and many other questions arising in the mind of the customers.

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Quantium Courier Company –

Quantium Solutions is an established global logistics provider offering businesses a wide range of solutions. With a network of offices in more than 19 markets and 220 countries/territories worldwide, the company continually invests in capabilities to improve the efficiency and flexibility of our network while making our solutions more convenient and easier to access. The company is having a motto of being a global leader in e-commerce logistics. Entrepreneurial drive, combined with a shared passion for measurable results and applied analytics, has made Quantium a force in the industry. Quantium started out as a data analytics firm, helping businesses make better decisions. These days the company helps its clients navigate the complex world of data, analytics and technology to deliver powerful insights with clear business applications. The platforms, products, processes and years of experience have enabled us to deliver on the promise of data. Quantium Solutions specialises in logistics and fulfilment services to businesses within the Asia Pacific region.

About Quantium Courier –

Established in Australia in 2002, Quantium was founded by like-minded executives from different disciplines across data, science and business. Since then the company had grown into a globally recognized partner to businesses that have the ambition to lead their industries. Quantium Solutions International currently has an established network of offices in 10 countries within the region and provides a range of value-added services such as letter shopping, data management and printing, mailroom management, freight logistics, warehousing, fulfilment, international distribution and hand delivery. Formerly known as G3 Worldwide Aspac Pte Ltd ( trading as Spring Global Mail), Quantium Solutions was incorporated in 2002 as a joint venture with TNT, Royal Mail and Singapore Post. The company was 100% acquired by Singapore Post Ltd in 2009.

Quantium Courier Head Office –

Quantium Express Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Floor, WICEL Administrative building,
Opp Seepz Gate No. 01, MIDC,
Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 093
Phone: (91) 22 6120 6900

Quantium Courier customer Helpline –

080-22133062 OR 080-22133061

Quantium Courier Tracking

The Quantium Track & Trace system enables complete Quantium tracking, via Internet, from pick up, through transport, up to delivery. You can see the package weight as well as the basic data about the sender and the recipient. Search can be done by your package barcode number or by reference number. Clients of the company get eager to know about the status to Track Quantium Courier. Enhancing this service, the company has allotted the tracking service to its customers. They can track status of the courier online on the official website of the company. There are two types of services allotted on this head named as Reference Number Tracking & Advanced Tracking.

Quantium Tracking Docket Number

A client when approaches the company for the delivery of the courier, he/she has to make payment of some specified amount. As a proof of the payment he/she is given an invoice or receipt. The invoice is known as Quantium Tracking Docket. This is contained with the official identification of the company. A number of courier is also contained on it. The same number is known as Quantium Tracking Docket Number. You can easily Track Quantium Courier with the help of this number.

Charges Calculator for Quantium Courier-

The clients or the customers of the company can calculate or inquire about the charge policy of the company. You can have steps towards it by visiting the official website of the company. After having access to the official website of the company, clients have to seek for the services section. In this section, you have to click on rates calculator subsection. Now, here form you can easily get the information of the rates to be charged you are checking for.